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The Veterinary Clinic's Guide to Individual Health Insurance ReimbursementThe Veterinary Clinic's Guide to Individual Health Insurance Reimbursement

There are over 38,000 veterinary clinics in the U.S., making up over 305,000 jobs and employing, on average, eight employees. 1 As an industry largely made up of small employers, it can be difficult to compete with larger businesses – and larger budgets – for top talent.

Get this guide to learn how veterinary clinics are saving 20 to 60 percent on healthcare costs by reimbursing employees for individual health insurance.more about a choice-based plan that is employer-funded, but employee-owned.

Download this 14-page PDF eBook to learn:

  • Why only 44% of small veterinary clinics offer health insurance today.

  • The 3 key advantages of individual health insurance.

  • How to reimburse employees for individual health insurance.

  • Why this approach saves you 20% to 60%.
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