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Get a live demo of our HRA administration software. Your demo will be customized to your business.

A defined contribution health benefits expert will provide you with actionable advice in addition to an overview of how an HRA with Zane Benefits can help you recruit and retain employees.

Your demo will give you a visualization of how Zane HRA Software can improve your business and help recruit and retain better employees.

Zane Benefits' Software allows you to:ZaneHRA Demo

  • Reimburse employees 100% tax-free for out-of-pocket health insurance expenses and medical expenses
  • Administer health benefits online in less than 5 minutes per month
  • Integrate your health benefits with your existing payroll service
  • Easily setup online plan design & electronic plan documents
  • Assign different benefits to different classes of employees
  • Automate IRS, HIPAA & ERISA compliance for peace of mind

and much more ...

Zane Benefits offers live demonstrations of our product to qualified companies using custom data from your company, your competitors and your industry. Fill out the form to the right to request your free demo.

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