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How the QSEHRA Works for EmployeesHow the QSEHRA Works for Employees

Traditional group insurance imposes a one-size-fits-all plan. A QSEHRA sets all employees free to use their benefits on the medical needs they consider most important.

In this eBook, we go over exactly how the QSEHRA applies to employees no matter their current insurance situation.

Download this 25-page eBook to learn:

  • How a QSEHRA works for:
    • Employees who are on their spouse's insurance.
    • Employees in a health care sharing ministry.
    • Employees without insurance.
    • Employees with insurance.
    • Employees with HSAs.
  • QSEHRA eligibility rules for C-corp owners, sole proprietors, partners, and S-corp owners.
  • How to communicate the QSEHRA to potential hires.
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