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Employer Funded Individual Health Insurance WorksheetsEmployer-Funded Individual Health Insurance Worksheets

How does employer-funded individual health insurance work? Instead of providing a one-size-fit-all group health insurance policy, your company reimburses employees for their own individual policies purchased independent of employment. This gives employees the opportunity to pick their own policy, rather than paying for an expensive policy they didn't choose.

Get this guide to see the savings, make an informed decision, and take control of your business's health benefits. This set of worksheets walks you through how to calculate the costs of group health insurance vs. individual health insurance with a premium and medical expense reimbursement program.

Download this set of worksheets to:

  • Calculate the cost of employer-funded individual health insurance.

  • Calculate and analyze the monthly and annual savings.

  • Design an employer-funded individual health insurance plan.

  • See examples of employer-funded individual health insurance plans and plan designs.

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